Tuesday, 14 January 2014

'Gifted & Talented' at Whitley Academy

We are running a very exciting 'Gifted & Talented' Program at Whitley Academy providing fantastic opportunities for the pupils involved. We are currently working with local universities taking part in an outreach program, called 'Student Progression', designed to inform pupils of the higher education routes available to them.

The Student Progression Team

The student progression team is run by Coventry and Warwick University. Student Ambassadors (mentors) from both universities will be working in School to give pupils a clearer understanding of what university has to offer, and what university life is really like (see a short interview with Azzedine Dabo; bottom of page).

Pupils are given sessions on choosing a degree course, the UCAS application process and Higher education funding.

The mentoring sessions will last for 8 weeks between January and May, and will end in a visit to the Campus. During the Campus visit day pupils will visit both Coventry and Warwick University and will be given a guided tour whilst also participating in academic taster sessions covering a variety of courses (e.g. engineering, philosophy, illustration and business management.

This is an excellent opportunity for pupils involved to develop important life skills as well as the chance to work alongside University students.

Additional Challenges

Additionally, classes designed to help KS4 pupils revise and organise their work are run throughout the academic year. KS3 pupils are also given half termly challenges to push their abilities and encourage home learning (see attached, right).

Many educational trips and visits are planned throughout the year to reward, encourage and motivate our 'Gifted & Talented' pupils.

In defining what is meant by the terms ‘Gifted & Talented’ we have broken it into three sections:

  1. 'Gifted & Talented' pupils: Those pupils who possess a general academic learning ability that is greater than most of their peers. Identified at KS3 by scoring level 5b or above at KS2, or at KS4 by targeted a grade A or above, across English, Maths and Science.
  2. 'Gifted' pupils: Those students for which staff, in their professional judgement, identify as having a natural flair for the subject.
  3. 'Talented' pupils: Same as gifted but for those pupils identified as exceptional in art, drama, music, PE or technology

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