Friday, 23 May 2014

Japan Day at Whitley Academy

Friday 23rd May saw the inaugural Japan Day at Whitley Academy to celebrate the link established between the Academy in Coventry and the Kamokita High School in Hiroshima.
The link affirms the commitment of both schools and cities to the promotion of ‘peace and reconciliation’. Whitley Academy is looking forward to welcoming their Japanese ‘link’ school in November when 50 pupils and 8 staff will make the journey to the UK and to Coventry; YR8 pupils will be at the forefront of ‘hosting’ these pupils, and on the 23rd they experienced a day full of Japanese Art, Dance, Cuisine, Calligraphy, Fashion, Language and Geography.
Whitley Academy is proud to further promote its International status with pupil exchange programmes now established with France, South Africa and Japan.
Tyler Hepworth, a Year 7 Student Reporter wrote:
"On Friday 23rd may YR8 students from Whitley Academy celebrated the  established link with Kamokita high school in Hiroshima, Japan.
There were many activities  throughout the day including Drama, Geography, Food, Dance, Fashion, Language, Arts and many more; all based on the culture of Japan and its people.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and they can’t wait for the Kamokita students to arrive in November this year.
The day was also rough for the student reporters, who filmed some of the events, because they had a lot of pressure to keep up with; hopefully we can produce a good quality video for the students in Kamokita. Also an interesting fact is that both Coventry and Hiroshima were both bombed during the second world war.
Everyone at Whitley Academy is proud and happy to be linked to a country with such a rich and exciting culture".

You can watch a video made by Student Reporters about the day here

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Trip of a lifetime!

This is her story:

This summer I was accepted onto Free The Children’s Me To We Scholarship sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. The trip lasted 18 days in an area named Kumbalargh in Rajasthan, India.  It was a volunteer trip where we helped build a part of one of the Free The Children’s schools for kids, who are not very well off, in India.  We helped build a wall around a school to keep the school children safe as well as set foundation for further buildings on the site.
It was hard work, but knowing that it would make lives a little easier for the children, we spent our breaks getting to know and playing games with made It was all worth it. We never hesitated for a moment when it came to doing all we could to help them; it was all about a hand up not a hand down.
We also experienced the culture of India from morning yoga lessons, Hindi lessons to interacting with various communities and visiting many tourist attractions. When we were not having a culture experience or volunteering on the build site, we found ourselves sat in modules. These modules were a way of learning about myself and how I work best, as well as opening my eyes to issues that affect the world. It taught us how as young people and future adults we can take action and help make change.
The trip helped me make friends for life and open my eyes to so many possibilities, I learnt a lot and it’s an experience I will truly cherish and never forget.
Pavani Konda – Post 16 Student

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