Thursday, 9 October 2014

RSA Academies Student Leadership Day

9th October 2014
Written by Divya and Eliana - Whitley Academy Student Reporters
As the day started, Mrs Elliot introduced herself to all the schools that visited Whitley and explained to us about the safety procedure. The schools that joined us were Holyhead, Ipsley, and RSA Academy.
Megan, chair of Whitley Academy Student Council, and Sophie, Deputy Head girl, introduced themselves and started the activities off with an icebreaker, so everyone got to know each other. The ice breaker activity was to try and burst the opponent team’s balloons which were attached to their ankles. Finally the red team won! Very exciting start of the day! 
After the game everyone settled down and Mrs Elliot explained the agenda of all activities. There were two workshops. Everyone had to split up into two groups of roughly twenty. Group A had debating and group B was on presentation skills. Group A was in the conference room and Group B stayed in the auditorium.
Group A began with a musical chair game to get them used to sitting with people they didn’t know. Then the trainer teacher told everyone to talk to the person next to them about debating. She explained what they were going to learn about in the workshop. They played a warm-up game: Zombie chairs. The point of the game was for the zombie to sit on an empty chair while the humans tried to stop the zombie. It linked to the debating because they were trying to find the gaps in the topic and fill them up.
After the game the students were split into 4 groups and in each group they had to debate whether same sex schools are good or bad and whether reality TV did more harm than good.
The teacher then explained that student leaders need to be first, best, loud and proud. He then explained how to do these in public speaking using two key hints: jokes and anecdotes to engage the audience.
In the presentation skill session the students were asked to make an opening statement about themselves that had to be personal. They split up into table groups that they felt comfortable with and were given five minutes to deliver their speeches. They then gave each other feedback to make their speeches better.
Now it came to the ‘technical’ hints and tips to focus on their posture, standing, walking and sitting.
Just before the workshop ended the students all had to make a presentation about their own schools to show all they had learnt on the day.
All in all, the day was very productive and we learnt a lot which we surely find it useful for the years to come.

Watch our video of the day here