Friday, 16 January 2015

The Heat Has Arrived – African Day at Whitley Academy

Written by Eliana of 8A
On Friday 16th January, the Year 7 students of Whitley Academy experienced a whole day of lessons around the theme, 'Africa and African cultures'.
The activities ranged from African cultural quizzes, languages, dances, fashion, drama and sports. Many students were extremely excited throughout the day.
The following are some comments from the students:  
Lauren of 7D said: ‘We got to do different things that we normally wouldn’t do in a school day. It is really interesting!’
Abbie of 7D beamed with joy: ‘I was able to meet different teachers that I haven’t seen before. I know them much better now!’
Sean of 7B shared: ‘I enjoyed the African dance as it had a lot of drumming in the music’.

Watch our video here