Monday, 20 April 2015

Media Club visits The Natural History Museum

On the 29th   April 2015 7 students (mixture of media club students and student reporters)  and 2 members of staff went to The Natural History Museum in London .The first section we went into was the Blue zone which consisted of : Dinosaurs, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Human biology and Mammels
The dinosaurs were the first exhibits we saw, the majority of us thought it was the highlight of the day. We saw the first ever T-rex fossil ever found, an Iguanodon, one of the first species ever described as a dinosaur, the skull of a Triceratops, the Baryonyx and a T-rex animatronic.
Then we went into the red zone and took an escalator into the centre of the earth, we saw the volcanoes and earthquakes exhibit. There was an interactive Earthquake simulator that terrified us. We also went into the earth’s treasury which was full of gems and precious rocks it was a beautiful place.
After that we went to the green zone which was full of birds, creepy crawlies and minerals. The minerals were spilt into sections. Birth stones, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. In the green zone there is a place called The Vault which holds valuable jewellery like a crystallised gold nugget, one of the biggest emeralds ever found, a diamond encrusted snuff box commissioned by Russian Tsar Alexander II and the infamous cursed amethyst!
We all had a great day and loved all the pictures we had taken. It was really great practise for our photography skills as we learnt more how to focus cameras and be able to fix larger objects into frame.
Written by Media Club Students - Year 9