Monday, 20 April 2015

Whitley Pupils' Attitude to Self and School Overwhelmingly Positive

The success of young people’s educational experience is heavily determined by the attitudes that they bring to their learning, their sense of aspiration, and the feelings they have about their place in the broader social context of the school.
Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) is an all-age attitudinal survey that provides a measurement of a pupil’s attitudes towards themselves as learners and their attitudes towards school. 
This survey covers nine factors proven to be linked to key educational goals, including attitude to attendance, preparedness for learning, and response to the curriculum.
The nine key factors are as follows:
Feelings about school
Measuring students’ sense of well-being, safety and comfort in school.
Measures students’ views of how positive and successful they feel in their specific capabilities as learners.
Self-regardas a learner
Measures the impact of their learning on their concept of self more generally.
Preparednessfor learning
Measures students’ perceptions of their behaviour and attitude in learning situations (including metacognitive skills).
Attitudes to teachers
Measures students’ perceptions of their relationships with teachers.
General workethic
Measures students’ attitudes and responses to work in general.
Confidence inlearning
Measures students’ confidence in approaching and dealing with learning and perseverance when presented with challenging tasks, and includes associated feelings such as a ‘high’ anxiety element.
Attitudes toattendance
Measures students’ attitudes to attendance at school.
Response tocurriculumdemands
Measures students’ perceptions of the appropriateness of the level of difficulty of work they are asked to complete.

We have completed the survey with Years 7-9 and the overall school score is overwhelmingly positive, with our students demonstrating high satisfaction with their school experience.
Across the 9 factors our overall student average response is between 64%-77% with significant strengths in Perceived Learning Capability, Self-regard as a learner and Confidence in learning.
Compared to schools nationally, we are in the “High Satisfaction” category for all 9 factors with an percentile rank of above 50% (meaning we are in the top half of all schools nationally in terms of student satisfaction).

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