Thursday, 9 July 2015

RSA Arts Day

‘Boop! Boop! We’ve got the power!’ sang a chorus of students from Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Arrow Vale RSA Academy and Whitley Academy to a packed house in the RSA’s Great Room. Joined by fellow students from Holyhead School and the RSA Academy, Tipton, the full family of RSA Academies undertook a dive into the creative unknown at the RSA Academies' Arts Day.
Guided by the power to create as the jumping off point, the bumper packed day explored the theme of ‘power’ through spoken word, dance, film and music.
This was the annual RSA Academies' Arts Day held at the RSA at which the students were empowered to come up with an original creative response to ‘power’ and perform it as an ensemble collaborative piece to an audience a few hours later.  No pressure then.
With a healthy level of trepidation the students were stirred into a creative awakening by Stephen Steinhaus, a teacher from Whitley Academy and Oliver Carpenter from the Upton Blues Festival who coaxed us into a bluesy gospel performance before we realised what was going on. All fired up, we dispersed throughout the RSA to the workshops considering how we might creatively collaborate together.
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Whitley wins the RSA Art prize!

Michaela Crimmin, curator and lecturer at the Royal College of Art, Arnold Schwartzman and Roisin Ellison judged the final pieces. The brief set was: the power to create is the ability to turn your ideas into an image/images. What happens when your creativity is unleashed.  
All the RSA schools entered submitting an impressive array of responses. The stars to watch are:
First prize: Nawal Jafar, Whitley Academy
Second prize: Awais Javed, Arrow Vale RSA Academy
Third prize: Molly Johnson, RSA Academy, Tipton
Commended: Karl Sullivan, Arrow Vale RSA Academy
Commended: Sofia Adburahman, Whitley Academy