Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition at Whitley Academy

Whitley Academy prides itself on offering an enhanced transition programme for Year 6 pupils from primary schools, making the transition into Year 7.
Part of this year’s programme involved thirty lucky Year 6 students, who had been nominated from a range of primary schools, attending two visiting days to Whitley Academy last week.
During the visits, the Year 6 students experienced a ‘circle time’ introduction, hosted by our specialised inclusion members of staff, where they were able to share initial concerns, and many myths about our school.
Later in the day, our visitors made and designed their own t-shirts, trialled American food, had a go at team sports, experienced our ‘Opening Minds’ lessons, and completed a poetry workshop.
The students displayed excellent resilience throughout both days, and Whitley Academy is very excited for the entire cohort of Year 7 students to start in September.
In addition to our thirty visitors last week, there will be two transitional summer schools this summer. One for pupil premium students at the start of the holidays, and one for all students towards the end.
We do this to ensure a smooth transition for all Year 6 students, as starting a secondary school can be a nervy and uncomfortable experience. 
If you have a query about our transition programme, please contact Whitley Academy on 02476 302580.