Friday, 25 September 2015

Whitley Hosts Year 7 Languages Day

On Friday 25th September, Year 7 students experienced the culture and diversity of the European Union. This was an excellent opportunity for them to share ideas, speak another language, and take home ideas for learning more about our role as a European citizen.
Written by Tamara and William – Year 8 student reporters
11:40  Mr Purslow is teaching European Language Day to 7C. They are making European passports. Four students are chosen to hold up flags outside the school reception with the RSA Academy sign. It is sunny and rather breezy. We take many photos.
11:55 We go into Miss Williamson's classroom. This was 7 JHO, and they were also making passports and learning about some celebrities who can speak languages around the world. An example is Kylie Minogue, who can speak French very well. You can see that many students are curious about all the other languages around the world.
Here are some thoughts from the Year 7 students about this special day:
Gemma says , “The main thing I learned and enjoyed today was saying loads of different phrases in loads of different languages, such as in German "Guten Tag" means "Hello.”
William also replies, “I enjoyed learning different languages because I have never even heard of them before.”
Lovisa excitedly tells us: “The favourite thing I enjoyed about today is going around the school to find different badges that teachers wear to sponsor these countries.”
We are told the winners get edible prizes!