Friday, 26 February 2016

Whitley Welcomes 'Field of Jeans' Installation

Whitley Academy is delighted to welcome the 'Field of Jeans', an installation from artist Helen Storey, as part of the RSA Academies Catalytic Teaching and Learning Project.

'Field of Jeans' comprises what Helen Storey believes is the first-ever air-purifying denim. A photocatalyst on the surface of the fabric breaks down airborne pollutants when it’s exposed to light, resolving them into harmless chemicals that slough off in the wash.

“Behind almost all human advancement lies a science,” Helen says. “Catalytic Clothing is for me therefore, a collaborative and public experiment between fashion and science, in this case, a beautifully radical new concept which endeavors to purify the air that we breath through the surface of our clothes.”

Whitley Academy is extremely excited to be given the opportunity to exhibit these artworks and looks forward to exploring the concepts and themes as part of the creative curriculum.