Monday, 21 March 2016

Whitley Hosts 'Wolf Run' for Sport Relief

On Thursday 17th March, Whitley hosted a ‘Wolf Run’ for Sport Relief, with Year 7, 8 and 9 taking part.

Around 200 pupils braved the course, starting on the top field with a slip and slide under a very muddy cargo. They then went onto the middle level, and under the second cargo net to ensure they were completely covered in mud for the rest of the run!

A lap around the track and on into the woods they went. Up next was the bridge crossing and into the marsh land on the far fields. Once they had tackled that, shoes just about still in tact, it was back into woods to try and scramble themselves up the slippery slope and through the maze of rope. Up next was the tyre obstacle followed quickly by the hay bales through the Rugby goals.

The final finish was a penalty shootout into the top goals and then for a hose down before hitting the well-deserved warm changing rooms.

A big well done is needed for all the pupils that took part, the Sixth Form volunteers who marshalled the course, and the PE team for setting the course out over several evenings and the morning of the race. Mr Abbott is collecting all the sponsorship monies in and it is looking very likely we will exceed the £1000 target that we set.

Please look out for the final figure!