Friday, 15 April 2016

Whitley's Siege on Kenilworth Castle

Written by Duncan Van Top – Year 7 student reporter

On Friday 18th March 2016,  all of us – the Year 7 students - went to the historic Kenilworth Castle to learn more about the history of the castle, and its defences.

It was a Friday….

However, this Friday started as normal but with one difference: those of us on the trip were not wearing school uniform.

As we were such a BIG year group, we were divided into two smaller groups going on two different days. Everyone was eager to get going and I was going to be in charge of taking photos on this trip - a job I was happy to do.
At 9:10am we started to get on to our assigned coach so we could get there a bit earlier. We were soon on our way. I was sitting next to my friend and fellow Student Reporter, Alex.

We arrived around 9:30am and soon split up into our tutor groups and began our tour around the historic landmark. A few of my friends were camera-shy but that didn’t stop me from snapping up a few amazing scenes.

The Castle looked more like a ruin than a castle for there was only one building which hadn’t been ruined through time. We soon found ourselves in the centre of the majestic Elizabethan Garden. The wonderful sculptures and plants dazzled in the chilly air. Small birds, big birds, every kind of bird was kept at the back in a wooden cage. It was like a bird sanctuary. And the peaceful surrounding with its tranquillity… It was amazing.

The way up was tiring, for there were too many sets of spiral staircases but luckily my legs didn’t give way and send me tumbling back down.

When we reached the second level we found a large hole going down from the top. I believed it was a large chimney but a few creatures learned the hard way as there were animals on the ground. OUCH!

Soon we reached the top and it was like a medieval scene from a film. Down bellow the battlefield lay still and quiet. It was empty. No trees, no plants, no animals. 

 At 12:00pm a worksheet was shown to us and we were told to complete it to the best of our abilities. We soon finished the work and were allowed to run around to keep warm.

At 1:00pm we headed inside to the information room to have lunch. The other tutor groups were also gathered inside. A tutor group had already gone to the gift shop and were browsing around the stuff on sale.

At 1:45pm our group visited the gift shop. My friends bought a variety of souvenirs with the money they had. I bought two bouncy balls and a slingshot that worked and came with ‘ammo’. It was very accurate. (I found this out later at home).

At 2pm we met up with another tutor group (purely by chance) and thought it would be fun to run up the hill (you can imagine how much we struggled to run uphill). By the count of three, we became a herd of ‘wildebeests’ and stampeded up. The teachers had to step back or we would have trampled over them. But not all things students wish come true….

After the run, we started to walk to the coaches to take us back. A few final pictures, a few final jokes, a few final glances at the landmark and then we were gone...

By Duncan Van Top – Year 7 student reporter.