Tuesday, 7 June 2016

RSA Academies Sports Day 2016

On June 6th 2016, sports teams from each of the RSA Academies visited Whitley to compete in the RSA Academies Sports Day.

The morning started well, with the Year Group Rounder’s Tournament kicking off in the sun for Year 7, 8, and 9.

All four schools proved to be very competitive, with some very tight games and close calls to be made. After lunch the athletics got started, and the weather and competition really heated up.

A short video of the days events

Holyhead School had some speed demons on the track, with the boys winning the majority of their races. Arrow Vale looked strong in Year 9, with the boys and girls winning or coming a strong second in most of their events. Whitley were consistent across the board, winning Shot, Discus, and 100m in Year 7. Ipsley had some good performances in 200m, 400m and the Relay in Year 8, to put them in good stead. The Javelin and Shotput events proved successful for RSA Academy.

On the day it was close, but Whitley Academy managed to keep hold of the RSA Shied and were crowned overall winners on 186 points. In Year 7 and 8 Whitley won the Year Group prizes, both on 68 points, and the Year 9 Group was won by an impressive Arrow Vale team, on 63 points.