Friday, 9 September 2016

Whitley collects British Council's International School Award

On Monday 14th November, Mr Purslow and Mrs Nguyen collected the British Council's International School Award at a ceremony in London, on behalf of Whitley Academy.

This is a very prestigious award which recognises our school's rich network of international partner schools, and there impact upon our students learning, confidence, and life experiences.

Please feel free to read more about our school's international links (listed below) , and further, our official letter from the British Council.

Dear Whitley Academy,

We are delighted to inform you that Whitley Academy has been successful in gaining Accreditation of the International School Award and is accredited for three years until August 2019.

It is clear from your activities that Whitley Academy is a thriving international school. You have three committed international partner schools in three different countries and are also working with a number of partner schools across the UK. Of particular note is the way in which you are developing young peoples skills and confidence through the international dimension to learning and deepening their understanding of the wider world through this.

Your development of the international dimension in this respect has been commented upon by OFSTED and this is a great achievement and indicates that your work is making a strategic impact on learners experiences and staff professional development. The international activities cover a wide area of the curriculum and it is clear that your link with your French partner school has been a key component in the education of pupils in your school on topical issues such as the EU referendum , including input from your UK partner schools, and this is commendable. This link has also made a significant contribution to the education on offer in the school on WW1 and has clearly enhanced the learning experiences with real life visits to France.

Your Africa and Japan Days are obviously key events in the life of the school and has made a real difference to learners enjoyment and experience of life in an another country and contributed to learning about life in South Africa. It has been interested to read the comments from pupils which convey a strong sense of enthusiasm and motivation There are a variety of relevant and meaningful international activities and contexts taking place across the school in conjunction with partner schools and it is extremely clear as to how this is making a difference to young peoples citizenship skills and their intercultural competencies.

The international dimension to learning is a key feature in the ethos and life of the school and making a sustained and valuable contribution to teaching and learning. It is clear too that your evaluation of the impact of each international activity is an integral part of your international strategy.

Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work. Thank you for taking part in the International School Award. Please convey our very best wishes and many congratulations to all staff and students both in the UK and overseas who have taken part in the scheme. Please also contact your local media to inform them about your successful international work - this is a great achievement and one that deserves celebrating and sharing widely.

Kind regards

International School Award team
British Council.