Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Year 7 enjoy Modern Foreign Languages Day

Written by Brandon Ash and Daizy Taroni – Year 8 

On Friday 26th September, Year 7 pupils were plunged into a mass tidal wave of European Languages. All students had a special assembly, absorbing pieces of new cultures into their brains and squeezing it out throughout the lessons.

The students explored the exciting world of languages, doing fun activities and co-operating very well with their new teachers.

Brandon and Daizy (student reporters) even got the chance to take some photos and go round to different classes to see what students were doing (it was really cool!). They felt special with a nice camera around their neck and a notepad to go around classrooms to take notes of the exciting activities in different rooms.

In some classrooms, students got together in small groups and questioned why learning a modern foreign language is important. It was so LOUD that you could imagine a thousand lions were kept in a massive cage and all were awake!!!

In other classes students did games, and quizzes on general knowledge of some European countries.

Some small groups were given specific time to go around the school looking for staff members with BIG badges. Their task was to look for information to fill in their worksheets as correctly and fast as they could. The groups with the most correct answers won the competition.

The day ended on a very high note with students’ happy faces. Everyone experienced a day meeting new faces and tasted exciting activities. It’s a day we will remember for a long while.