Monday, 14 November 2016

Whitley showcases 'outstanding' teaching practice to teachers from across Warwickshire

Written by Destiny-Alliah, Holly, and Sam - Year 7 student reporters

It was a gloomy, rainy day, on Thursday 10th November when, at Whitley Academy, the Partnership Plus teachers’ workshop took place. The workshop was to introduce over 50 teachers, from all over Coventry and Warwickshire, to 'outstanding' teaching practice, based around competences and growth mind-sets at Whitley Academy.

Our ambassador for this year was Miss Reynolds, who filmed a lesson with a group of her Year 7 pupils in advance of the session. She then played the footage to the visiting teachers, and talked about the lesson, speaking about objectives, and learning outcomes for the pupils.

The event has traditionally been very helpful for Newly Qualified Teachers, both at Whitley Academy, and from across Warwickshire.

“The event was a celebration of teacher collaboration; it was fantastic to see so many people together focused on improving outcomes for our learners through the excellent use of the RSA Opening Minds competences". - Mr Purslow, Director Of CPD and MFL at Whitley Academy.

Destiny, Holly, and Sam captured some thoughts from the teachers in attendance.

Mrs Nash, a visiting teacher, said, ‘I want to learn lots of information on how to inspire my students.’

Mrs Turner, a visiting teacher, said, ‘I want to share ideas and network with one another.’

Mrs Latue, a fellow teacher at Whitley Academy, said, ‘I want to gain ideas for competencies in the lessons I teach.’

Miss Reynolds, the host of the event, had the last word and said, ‘It's important to teach pupils to approach learning positively, to never give up, and to realise learning isn’t a straight line, and has ups and downs along the way'.