Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Whitley hosts successful Christmas Fair

Written by Amy – Year 8 student reporter

One of the most festive times of the year is fast approaching. Whitley Academy has already started celebrating the special occasion of togetherness by hosting the Christmas Fair on the 5th December for students, their families and our primary school feeders’ families.

With a lot of reds and greens, the festive spirit was everywhere. At 5pm, the school canteen was full of people and children. Amongst the noises of people talking, you could hear children running around asking their family members to buy Christmas presents for them.

Many people were enjoying themselves, entering a tombola, playing guessing games, such as guessing how much the cakes weighed, and guessing how many sweets were in the jar. There were some craft activities and biscuit decorating. You could buy many Christmas hand-made cards (by our History teacher Miss Wright), books, biscuits, Christmas teddies, and little bags made out of old material.

There were songs playing throughout the evening. One of the songs that some parents, students, and teachers particularly liked was ‘Walking through the Air’ by Howard Blake; it was in the film ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.

Another song playing was ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey.

It was held in the school canteen, as soon as you stepped outside there was a cold blast of wind! It was dark and cold outside. Younger siblings of students were playing outside in the cold icy wind with faint cracks on the nearly frozen lake.

There were some very helpful students who gave up their time to help show some of the people where to go and they manned the stalls for teachers.

Mrs Roberts stood by the door noting all the students’ names in case of a fire alarm at the end of the night. She must have been cold, but she kept smiling all night long. 

It was very full evening but also very fun. 

Written by Sam - Year 7 student reporter 

Last night at the wonderful event, Christmas at Whitley Academy, I ran a stall for Macmillan Cancer Support to offer a whole range of cakes. I decided to do this because Macmillan has helped millions of people worldwide every day.

I had an amazing night, everyone was jolly, laughing hysterically; and best of all, eating delicious cakes , and the most important thing, all enjoying themselves.

 At around 3:10pm, after school, myself and Miss Reynolds made our way down to the canteen to get the best table (in our opinion). As we did so, the time was ticking on and I was getting more nervous because I didn’t know if anyone would buy any cake and if I would even raise any money while doing so. 

Then I got a text from my Mum: "Outside with the cakes". Then my heart relaxed, I went out to get them and brought them in to set them up on our table.

It was 5 o’ clock. There they were, the first customers standing in front of me. They spoke, I answered. I gave them their change and their goods (my auntie’s home-made cakes). All customers were happy. FINALLY I felt relaxed.

6 o’clock! Everything had been sold and gone. We opened the tub. It’s on the table. We counted £70.00! 

I was so proud of not only me but everyone who had helped: my Mum, my Auntie, Miss Reynolds and my classmates. It was a fantastic night and I hope everyone enjoyed it and had a good time.