Monday, 30 January 2017

Post 16 student successful in application to study at Cambridge University

Whitley Academy is very proud to announce that Post 16 student Natalie has been successful in her application to study Mathematics at Robinson College, Cambridge University.

Natalie achieved excellent GCSE results (3As & 7A*s, in 2015) at Whitley Academy, and has continued her success at A-Level, achieving exceptional grades in Maths, Further Maths and Geography. In addition to her independent learning, Natalie gave particular praise for the Post 16 staff and support at Whitley Academy during her university application.

“I applied to Robinson College and should I go, will start in October 2017. During my application process, the former Head of Post-16, Mr Elton, emailed my personal statement to someone who is familiar with Oxbridge applications. I received feedback from this allowing me to make improvements before sending my application off.

Additionally, when I found out I had an interview, a mock interview was set up with a teacher from Ernsford Grange who studied Maths at Cambridge; this was particularly helpful as it made me less nervous for my interviews now I knew what to expect.

I have been at Whitley Academy since Year 7 and decided to carry on Post-16 after my GCSEs. Advice I'd give to Post-16 starters, or those just starting in Year 7, is to not give up because you think something is too hard or unattainable”.

All staff at Whitley will now strive to ensure that Natalie has our full support as she begins preparation for her final examinations.