Monday, 23 January 2017

The amazing African adventure, at Year 7 'Africa Day'

Written by Ben Davies and Duncan Van Den Top, Year 8 student reporters.

On the 20th January 2017, the Year 7 pupils from Whitley Academy got the opportunity to “taste” some passion from Africa. Throughout the day, Mr Purslow – the Director of MFL, had prepared many African activities such as Arts, Fashion, Languages and Sports.

The day began with a short assembly presented by Mr Purslow and Mr Haxby. The pupils were shown pictures of African geography, including the countries, the wildlife and this vast continent’s complete biological diversities. We also learned about some challenges that African people still suffer including malaria, which comes from mosquitos.
Then Mr Purslow showed us a photo of Mrs Nguyen and Mr Purslow receiving the British Councils’ International School Award for the School in October 2016. For your information, this award was to recognise Whitley Academy’s school links nationally and internationally, and is valid for three years from 2016-2019. How cool!

When the assembly was over, the classes went back to their tutor rooms to follow a completely different timetable for the day.

We decided to visit Miss Routledge’s 7KRO group.

The class was doing a quiz where the students were shown a photo and they had to guess whether it was Africa or not. Everyone talked and of course all students surely wanted to win.

In Mrs Latue's classroom, pupils did a quiz where they had to find the answers to questions in an atlas such as “What is the tallest mountain?”

Did you know that whereas the UK only has 76million phone users, the whopping number of 650 million phones are used in Africa? Wow! They must have super mobile phone masts with very hectic and invisible highways of signals! Over all, the whole experience was extraordinary.

Next, it was time to make African masks. In FO8A and F18 (two rooms on the first floor), the pupils were enjoying making their unique African masks out of only paper, a pencil, pencil crayons and string. We interviewed a Year 7 pupil named Tyler and he said: “They are used for religious festivals to represent the spirits of their African ancestors”.

It was now time for some African languages. The students were really getting involved in the activity. Then they did an interesting quiz about Africa. Did you know that  languages spoken in Africa include Arabic, Berber, Swahili, Hausa and Yoruba?

And time for some Drama with Mrs Latue in G08A…

The class sat in a circle playing wink murder and when Mrs Latue said that the murderer was wearing shoes, everyone took off their shoes! You could imagine how exciting the ambience of the room was!...

Meanwhile in the Auditorium, Year 7 girls were learning the steps to the famous Whitley Academy 'African dance'.

Then riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! End of period 6 and also of the day!

Thank you to all of our teachers who made the day so enjoyable for all of the Year 7 students including us – Duncan and Ben – the Year 8 reporters.